Marble Wireless Phone Chargers

Charge with elegance!

Marble wireless phone chargers are all the rage this 2021 season. At Ahdeau we like to make tech accessories trendy and aesthetically pleasing. These white, black and green marble chargers are the perfect touch.

Marble chargers go great on your new work from home desk, in your trendy well decorated living room and on your sleek bedside table. You always seem to need a charger in every room you go into, and who wants to deal with bland cords. Charging should fit into your home decor rather than being an eyesore. Make every room elevated with luxury marble chargers without having to reach for cords!

Green, White & Black

These are featuring our natural stone phone grip sockets.

This trio is elevated elegance in every vibe.

Black Marble is one of our favorites as a chic, elegant and masculine look. The black marble charger goes great on a desk.

The White Charger is a classic look with gold lining.

The White Marble charger is perfect for a stylish, fashionable and sophisticated look.

The Green Marble is a dapper and tasteful accent to your home decor.

Which color is your favorite and what other colors do you want to see? Let me know in the comments.

xoxo from the Founder,


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